Who's in your Starting 5

August 9, 2017

In the book of Exodus, the author tells the story of Moses and Joshua going to battle with the Amalekites.  In the story, God tells Joshua, through Moses, to choose some of his men to fight the Amalekite army.  Mind you, he did not tell Joshua to take the entire army but a portion of his men.  God also tells Moses not join the fight physically, but to go to the hill with Aaron and Hur with watch the battle.  As they watched, God instructed Moses to lift his hand.  As long as Moses’ hands were lifted Joshua had victory in the battle.  But, when Moses’ arms got tired and started to drop the Amalekite army gained the advantage.  In the mist of his assignment, Moses’ friends realized that he needed help so they found a place for Moses to sit and positioned themselves on either side to help hold his arms up.  Because of the obedience of Joshua and Moses as well as the support of Aaron and Hur, the nation of Israel had victory.

This story brings to light a number of key principles for our walk as leaders in a world filled with potential stumbling blocks.


Principle #1 – Moses had positioned himself to hear God speak. 


Too often in our lives as leaders, we allow the tyranny of the urgent to dominate our calendar.  Time is the most valuable tangible asset we have as leaders.  Moses’ was diligent in his pursuit of God which allowed him to hear God speak to him.  As leaders, we must create space in our day to hear God speak to up.


Principle #2 – Moses had the courage to speak the word of God in a bold manner


Leaders are often visionaries.  Communicating vision and direction is a key component of transformational leadership and in order to do that leaders must be consistent and persistent in their boldness.  Too often the vision we have for our organization stretches up beyond our personal capabilities and comfort level.  We must position ourselves daily to communicate God’s vision in a bold manner.


Principle #3 – Moses had people in his life to support him when he got tired


Over and over in the word of God we see people being positioned to act as a support network for God’s leaders to carry out his plan.  Many times, leaders neglect their inner circle of mentors and supporters in light of the avalanche of expectations and responsibilities that fill their plate on a daily basis.  Leaders must ask themselves, who are may starting five?  Who are those people who can lift up my arms when the burdens of life and leadership overwhelm?


Leadership is tough, but with the wisdom from hearing and understanding God’s plan, boldness to stand on God’s word and a support network there to encourage and advise, transformational leadership can help lead to extraordinary results.

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