Yards After Contact: The Journey Begins...Part 2

March 13, 2017

 Every spring, I would load up in my beat up car and travel to as many as 10 college football programs to learn and steal ideas.  From Texas A&M to Wofford College and just about everywhere in between, if I could make contact with a coach on staff, I was willing to make the drive.  The very next thought that came to mind was, now what?  At the time, I have just turned 29 years old and the thought of maintaining the status quo was not appealing at all.  After all, I had coaches champions, coached at both the high school and college levels with success.  I had complete an undergraduate and master’s degree by that time and had a young growing family, in my mind it was my time!  It was at that moment that those words along with the words of my favorite verse from the bible rang loudly in my head.  In the book of Romans, Paul encourages the people by stating, “Therefore, I urge you, brother and sisters, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to God, and this is your true and acceptable worship”. 


Therefore, the question that lay before me in that moment, that has brought me to this point in my life remains.  How do I truly offer my life; professionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually, to God in such a way that no man living or dead could do it better?  My decision, which I will share in greater detail in later posts, lead me halfway around the country, far away from family and familiarity in more ways that one.  That decision lead me to radically change my outlook on life, and a different set of expectations for myself.  That simple decision changed the course of my life.


To this day, I continue to pursue an answer to that very same question.  In my pursuit, I have made many mistakes.  I have experienced many sleepless nights and painful trials.  I have also had life changing experiences that would have never been possible had I not done what Steve Harvey so famously articulated on the set of Family Feud, I jumped.  Success, or the pursuit of success, is hard and going at it alone was never God’s intent for his people.  It is my goal to share my journey as I strive to reach new heights in every aspect of my life. 


This blog will be my attempt to document my journey.  The journey will include my professional goals to change the lives of young people through athletes. My journey will involve my attempts to develop and maintain discipline within my physical development.  Part of my journey is to share my passion and scholarship within the field of Transformational Leadership Theory and pre-integration African American educational leadership.  The entire journey will unfold within the vehicle of faith in Jesus Christ.  My desire is to expose my journey, warts and all, in hopes that those who follow behind me may gain insights to make their own journey more smooth and their paths straight. 


It is my belief that we should all be wrestling with the same question that propelled me to a new outlook on life.  So the question as we begin this journey together remains, How can we offer our lives to God, professionally, personally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, in such a way that no man living or dead could ever do it better.  I believe if we make this our life’s mission, we all can change the world!


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